Will Writers in Camberley UK
will writers, will writers UK

A Will Writers Network & Support Group

Key reasons why people wish to join us

  • PI & Software affordability issues
  • Had enough of working alone
  • No support
  • No sales training
  • low value sales, not earning enough
  • no help with marketingHave become disillusioned
  • Lost the 'buzz'
  • Want to spend more time selling and less time drafting / admin
  • worried about regulation
  • risk adverse
  • want to be part of a family/group

Network / Club / Group Offering/Advantages

  • Sales Training
  • Technical Training
  • Ongoing support - ideas / help / encouragement
  • Sales System to increase avg sale value to a minimum of £650.00
  • Client facing presentations
  • Introducer sales approach
  • How to structure introducer meetings
  • Automated referral process
  • PI Cover provided
  • Drafting provided (no software costs)
  • Marketing support - letters / emails / ideas
  • Regular team meetings
  • Working in partnership with Barristers
  • Access to more products - Legacy Plan / Pilot Trusts
  • Admin support - more time selling
  • Probate Service
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