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Reasonable efforts are made by 'Alder Wills & Probate Ltd to keep this website up to date however the information contained on this website is for educational purposes only and is not legal advice which should only be obtained personally from a qualified professional. Do not use anything you have seen here to ignore professional legal advice and do not delay taking legal advice as a result of anything you have read here. This website is merely an advertisement and the proprietors disclaim all liability for loss or damage arising either directly or indirectly as a result of visiting this website. The law outlined principally relates to England and Wales but there is very similar legislation in place for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Privacy And Data Protection Policy

'Alder Wills & Probate Ltd take confidentiality seriously and we do not disclose any form or telephone information to anybody except the person appointed to give professional and qualified legal advice. We do not sell mailing lists or email addresses. All information is kept on password protected computer hard drive memory and no hard copies (paper copies) are made at any stage. We keep the information provided for no longer than is necessary and delete the information at the conclusion of any case or enquiry. The only semi-permanent record of your dealings will reside with your Will Writer. We will correct any erroneous information at your request and will disclose any information held on file to you or your agent upon your written request. Merely visiting this website does not provide us with any information about you or your computer.

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