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The Over 60 Plan

If it is a good time to consider making a Will then it is a good time to consider all the options detailed in the video


We recognise that people need a different Estate Plan at each stage of their lives. Where for some clients a simple or basic Will is appropriate for their needs, for others it will not provide complete peace of mind or guard against 'risks' that become more apparent when we reach our senior years.

The Over 60 Plan is a simple yet very effective Estate Plan designed for people who have reached retirement age and above. It will guarantee that your assets are distributed to your selected beneficiaries as you wish, covers all the potential risks to the inheritance, fully secures, preserves and protects your assets for you during your lifetime and for your loved ones that you want to leave them to. It is robust, thorough and will provide certainty that your wishes are respected and gives you complete peace of mind.


We will consider all potential risks and build a plan that protects your assets for you and the loved ones you want to leave them to.


The Estate Planning documents we will draft for you will be robust and thorough, ensuring that your wishes are respected.

The Legacy plan is designed to:

  • Provide certainty that you wishes will be respected.
  • Ensure that your assets are protected for you during your lifetime and for you loved ones after you have gone.
  • Minimise the deductions from your estate and the amount of taxation.
  • Make sure that access to your assets by loved ones is not restricted or, delayed.
  • Allow someone you trust to immediately manage your affairs without burden or cost, if you are incapacitated.
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