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The Alder Tree

Tree of Magic and Integration

The Spirit of Alder inspires us to close the gap between our good intentions and our deeds, so we can experience Fairy-magic! Evaporate your old hurts and stagnant emotions! Know what you are. Pure energy, endless possibilities! Start behaving as if you are what you want to be! If you are a singer, sing. If you want to be a lover, love with all your heart and the world will sooner or later respond. If you want to be an explorer, why wait till the 'right' opportunity arises? Look at the world through the eyes of an explorer and you will find many opportunities there already waiting, which in time will lead to other adventures. If you want to be happy, act happy, feel happy. Happiness is to do with the state of your own mind and heart, so there's little point in waiting till someone 'gives' it to you.

The Alder month leads as out of the winter and back into a new Spring season once more. This is a time of resurrection and renewed integration. The Alder in our country is now under serious threat by the new hybrid Phytophthora fungus, as explained above. I pray that we will find ways to keep help to keep this magic tree in our midst. One way we can all contribute to this struggle is to do whatever we can to stop the accelerating of global warming, which has no doubt contributed greatly to create ideal conditions for the spread of this disease. We can also look again at the way we transport species and goods all over the world. It is not realistic to halt this process all-together, and can sometimes have incalculable benefits. However, the risks are enormous as well. Creating self-sustaining economies and taking immense care are the way forward

Alder tree, we honour thee!

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