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Save Your Property (Community Care Charges)

You have worked hard all your life, saved your money, and hope to have a bit to pass on to your family - but then it is eaten up by paying for Residential Care Fees! For a typical couple, figures suggest there is nearly a 1-in-2 chance that either or both of you might lose money in this way. What can be done about this?

As a couple (married or not) you can arrange your Wills to protect at least some of your assets against the fees. Rather than leaving everything to each other, you leave your share of assets to an Asset Protection Trust. The terms of the Trust allow your partner to have the use of the assets - most typically it allows them to carry on living in your share of the family home just as if they owned the whole property.

Remember, your share of the house was given to the Trust. So if your spouse/partner has to go into Care and the house is sold, it is only their share of the house that can be used towards the Care Fees. The part owned by the Trust is kept safe for passing on to family or friends as you specified in your Will.

This is becoming increasingly common practice, and Alder Wills & Probate Ltd, can organise this for you. We also check the details of how your house is owned, in case Severance of Tenancy is required to make your Wills effective.

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